Red Bee Media joins forces with Nenda to boost OTT services in the hospitality industry

Next generation television experiences will reach hotel rooms worldwide thanks to Red Bee Media’s partnership with Nenda.

The latter will leverage Red Bee Media’s Managed OTT and distributed services to provide the hospitality sector with unique streaming services, such as on-demand shows, personalized channels and content based on the country from which they are visiting, or individual preferences. Nenda has shown its willingness to adapt these services to other segments, including restaurants, bars and clubs, hospitals and elderly homes.

“Even in the most modern hotels the TV offering is often the same as in the 90s, where the guest has to flip through dissatisfying content in a foreign language, which leads to frustration rather than an entertaining experience. We want to change this and we have ambitious goals, planning to disrupt and revolutionize the B2B segment for TV & streaming on a global scale and the hospitality industry is just the beginning. With Managed OTT and Distribution services from Red Bee Media we are able to provide the best possible platform to our customers”, says Anders Hässel, CEO and Founder, Nenda.

“We are proud and excited to be part of Nenda’s Journey from the start”, added Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee Media “Our Managed OTT offering is at the forefront of the industry and working with Nenda enables us to showcase its potential for giving any type of business the opportunity to leverage the possibilities of streaming video content”