Riedel delivers comms and signal distribution for Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Control room with Riedel equipment at Eurovision Song Contest 2019

For the 14th consecutive year, Riedel Communications has been in charge of the intercom and signal distribution technologies and on-site engineering deployed in the Eurovision Song Contest, a program that was broadcasted live from Tel Aviv (Israel).

Specifically, Riedel provided 18 2300-Series Smartpannels for flexible routing and control over audio and video signals using its high-resolution, multitouch color displays and touch-screen UI; its MediorNet media network for redundant and decentralized signal routing and transport, consisting of 60 MediorNet frames installed across 25 positions for the routing and distribution of over 700 audio signals, 400 video signals and data signals through more than 25 kilometers of fiber optic cable; over 170 Artist digital matrix intercom system, 40 Bolero beltpacks, 32 radio channels on 260 analogue handheld radios…

There’s more: in the Riedel master control room, the team monitored the complete intercom and media network. With nearly 50 network switches and 150 Wi-Fi access points, Riedel provided a 2 x 2 Gb/s redundant internet connection across the entire venue.

From here, Riedel also remotely managed the access control and accreditation systems through the RFID-equipped accreditation cards of nearly 12,000 participants and guests.

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