Ross Video expands video storage offering with Amazon S3 Glacier integration

User interface of Ross Video's Streamline

With storage requirements increasing exponentially and broadcasters running out of on-premise tape and disk space, a great many content producers have turned to media asset management solutions that include cloud-based storage as part of their archive strategy. In recognition of this, Ross recently integrated Amazon S3 Glacier storage, a storage class of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as an integral part of the Ross range of Media Asset Management and Server solutions.  

Chris Kelly, Product Manager for Asset Management & Storage at Ross, says: “When it comes to media asset management, we know that our customers value speed to air, reliability, redundancy, ease of use, and cost efficiency. When looking at each of these issues, Amazon S3 Glacier is a fantastic solution.”

Amazon S3 Glacier removes the need for broadcasters to maintain in-house storage systems and with expedited retrieval, AWS can deliver files within minutes. “Amazon S3 is a fantastic value solution from AWS, and Amazon S3 Glacier meets the needs of customer with a variety of needs,” Kelly notes. “Amazon S3 Glacier is something that can be implemented on almost a moment’s notice – once the customer establishes their AWS account, they can start archiving immediately with no limits.

Finally, it’s important to highlight that Amazon S3 Glacier fits “very well “, according to the press release, with Ross Video’s roadmap for storage solutions. “In upcoming releases of Streamline, our asset management solution, we will introduce rules-based toolsets to automate the process of moving content between multiple storage options,” comments Chris Kelly. “This is where Amazon S3 Glacier will shine. The value, reliability, speed, and efficiency will further simplify the job of archiving this daily generated content. Decades from now, our customers can have complete trust that the content they rely on to tell the story, will be safe and sound, and ready for air.”

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