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David Ross joined Ross Video in 1991 managing all switcher product development; he has been promoted since then due to his expertise and excellent managing skills, reaching the CEO position in April of 2006. He also still continue being the Product Manager for Ross Production Switcher lines. Ross Video is growing an average of 20% each year and had become a Game Changer in Live Production.



David Ross
David Ross


Interview with David Ross, Ross Video CEO


Where/how do you see Ross Video in the future?

Ross is focused on providing equipment for live productions (and in the United States we are also sometimes contracted to do the productions themselves).  Ross will continue to specialise in the equipment required to produce live events for news, entertainment programming, stadiums, OB Vans and Legislatures.  I think we have a great deal of growth potential, especially in EMEA, and so I am sure we can become an even larger company in the years to come. We’ve grown rapidly in EMEA over the last 5 years despite the difficult economic conditions and that has been down to our customer-centric approach and the great people we’ve employed. I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.


Which product line do you think will grow the most in 2017?

All of our product lines are experiencing healthy growth, including our Acuity and Carbonite production switchers, XPression Motion Graphics, Furio and Cambot Robotics, NK and Ultrix Routers, Inception Newsroom, ACID cameras, and OverDrive production control, just to name a few.  We currently do have several particularly exciting developments in Ultrix Routers & Multiviewers, ACID Cameras, and the XPression product line in general – those are worth watching closely for sure. It’s worth mentioning that our 2016 theme of ‘Smart Production’ (as seen at NAB, IBC and the other regional shows we’ve exhibited at) is all about explaining to potential customers how Ross products fit together into an ecosystem that enables them to work more efficiently and more cost-effectively while producing even more creative content. It’s therefore great to see strong growth across the product range but also great to see customers using more Ross stuff and getting tangible business, technology and creative benefits from doing so.




Which are the main markets to be focused on in the next years?

Markets can be viewed as market verticals or geographic areas.  In the case of market verticals, live production continues to be an exciting place in general.  The continued rise of internet broadcasting has created many new media brands and so much more programming that we are in a fantastic position to serve, while at the same time traditional broadcasters are retooling for a new future as well.  Geographically, Ross Video sees Europe in general as an important place that we’re investing in extremely heavily.  Our European customers are often very surprised by how much Ross Video has to offer them today, and in many places we need to move that from shock to an ongoing relationship.


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