Ross Video adds to RAVENNA community

Two years ago, Ross Video acquired RAVENNA partner COVELOZ Technologies

Ross Video joins the RAVENNA community with a portfolio of broadly interoperable audio/video networking products. Headquartered in Canada, Ross Video powers video productions for billions of global viewers daily with a vast range of products and services for live production including virtual studios, real-time motion graphics, cameras, production switchers or video servers.


Two years ago, Ross Video acquired RAVENNA partner COVELOZ Technologies, vendor of high-performance networking modules, chips and software that offer a range of services across a range of networking protocols including RAVENNA/AES67, and these products and services now continue under the Ross Video brand.


The partnership with Ross Video continues to build on the foundations put into place by the original partnership with COVELOZ, whose range has expanded under the Ross Video brand to include audio and video-over-IP networking modules, chips and software that offer RAVENNA, Livewire+, NMOS and Dante/SAP connectivity. All are fully AES67- and ST2110-compliant, and a range of new products, including BACH Liberty, a drop-in replacement, pin-compatible module to the Dante Brooklyn II, is to be launched at IBC offering more connectivity options for optimal interoperability.


We are excited to continue the RAVENNA partnership,” said Nestor Amaya, VP Infrastructure of Ross Video. “Our live media networking technology is built on open standards like RAVENNA. Standards-based open technologies allow competitive solutions from multiple vendors to best serve the market. RAVENNA has pioneered the road to interoperability by first embracing AES67 and now ST2110. We are proud to walk that road as part of the RAVENNA community.”


Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, adds: “We are delighted that Ross Video, after acquiring COVELOZ, continues the RAVENNA partnership which had been successfully in place for several years with COVELOZ. Under COVELOZ’ RAVENNA engagement we have seen several 3rd party companies building their RAVENNA/AES67 product solutions based on the COVELOZ BACH openModule series. I am confident that with the integration of the COVELOZ team we will soon see new RAVENNA/AES67-capable products under the Ross Video label. I am also pleased to see that the BACH module series is further enhanced and continues to be available for 3rd party integration.

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