Ross Video’s new Tria Express Duet production server is now available

UI of the Tria Duet solution in two monitors

Ross has announced the launch of the new Tria Express Duet production server, a replacement for the current Tria Express product.

Launched in 2016, Tria Express has underpinned many important broadcasts and live events. Over these five years, Ross has systematically gathered customer feedback and input into the next generation solution: Tria Express Duet. Housed in a similar 2RU chassis and built on the same video hardware as its predecessor, Tria Express Duet expands the number of possible video I/O configurations up to fifteen channels. Two software options are available with the hardware:  the TRIA-XD-2-SW enables two symmetrical record/playout channels; and the TRIA-XD-4-SW features these same two symmetrical record/playout channels with two additional playout-only channels.

Tria Express Duet also features a built-in MultiViewer. In addition, a two-channel Tria Express Duet can be upgraded in future to four-channels (two record/playout with two payout only) via a convenient software license. 

Michael Kljucaric, Associate Product Manager for Servers at Ross, is very pleased to announce the new solution. “We believe that Tria Express Duet meets the need for a compact video server with between two and four channels. Fifteen preset channel configurations allow Tria Express Duet to be quickly changed from one operational mode to another, and the added MultiViewer (which can be undocked and moved onto an extended desktop computer display) and highly intuitive user interface make it a delight to use. Combined with powerful standard features such as timecode chase and single-file architecture for fill/key and ISO-2 video content, the Tria Express Duet is the ideal solution for a wide variety of different workflows. And at a price that’s even more accessible than the outgoing product, we really think our customers are going to love this new model!”

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