RT Software Standardizes on AJA Corvid 88 for tOG-VR and tOG-Vista 4K Real-time Broadcast Graphics Systems


Corvid 88 video card


Broadcast graphics systems developer RT Software has standardized on using AJA Video Systems’ Corvid 88 video card in its 4K real-time broadcast graphics systems. The company is also integrating AJA’s Io 4K with Thunderbolt(TM) 2 and 4K support into its up-and-coming 4K camera stitching solution, tOG-Vista.


RT Software’s first system to integrate Corvid 88 is a tOG-VR 3D solution currently deployed at BT Sports to facilitate exclusive 4K broadcasts of the 2015/2016 UEFA Champions League season. As part of the launch of BT Sports’ new 4K channel and studio upgrade, RT Software supplied and assisted with the implementation of the augmented reality solution that delivers studio floor graphics during demanding live broadcasts. RT Software integrated Corvid 88 into the live studio workflow to facilitate the real-time render of on-air broadcast graphics. The in-studio setup consists of up to four cameras, each with its own render PC using Corvid cards.


“This is the first time we’ve used AJA cards, and we’ve been really impressed with their reliability,” says Luke Harrison, Technical Product Marketing Manager at RT Software. “We chose to go with Corvid 88 because we needed cards with multi-directional capabilities for configuring video and audio I/O. Our products are operator driven, so the fact that Corvid 88 lets our users monitor graphics at their workstations is great. This last-minute quality check is a huge advantage when it comes to live broadcasts, and BT Sports couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”


RT Software previewed additional Corvid 88 integration with its range of broadcast graphics solutions during IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. The company also showcased live demos of tOG-Vista, RT Software’s live 4K stitching solution. Announced in June, the system stitches together the output of two 4K cameras, each connected to a Corvid 88 card, to create a single 7680 x 2160 canvas. The resulting footage allows users to generate two HD outputs that are joystick controlled, enabling the operator to use a virtual camera to follow action and zoom in and out.


“tOG-Vista is ideal for situations where there is a benefit in capturing the entire game play. Off the ball incidents become a thing of the past, for example, and this innovative technology could even be used to reduce production costs yet improve production values on 2nd tier sports. Corvid 88 facilitates the entire workflow, allowing us to combine the outputs of two 4K cameras,” commented Harrison. “We’ve done a few customer trials, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”


Harrison concluded: “We’ve been really impressed with Corvid 88 and Io 4K, and we’re looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to integrate AJA technology into our entire line of broadcast graphics solutions in the future.”