RTBF redefines sports broadcasting with Reality Engine

RTBF goes on-air for 6 hours and reinvents sports broadcasting on evenings following each 2018 Europa League game with a Reality-powered set.  Reality provides the tools to create immersive content. The virtual set is fully integrated with ZD’s virtual studio solutions and located in KeyWall studios in Chaleroi, designed by the talented DreamWall team.


5 Reality Engines, real-time node-based compositor which enables post-production style visual effects pipelines with 5 tracking cameras are used in the production. Reality Engine is able to render reflections and refractions of the real environment onto the virtual objects which enhances the photo-realism during the use of augmented tactical line-ups and player statistics. Also a moving stadium at the back of the set that gives the impression of having the virtual set inside the stadium, with spectators moving just like in real life.

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