RTS intercom systems presents its Spring Showcase & Webinar Program

Showcase of RTS products

From April 20 to 23, RTS intercom systems will host its virtual “RTS Spring Showcase & Webinar Program”.

Each of its 4 sessions will include an introduction in which the company will tell viewers “why being part of the Bosch Group makes a difference”, the benefits of VLink, a quick overview of the company’s latest products and what’s coming soon, and an introduction to new professional-level training modules for RTS.

After that, each session will showcase a different topic:

  • Wireless Solutions – Mon Apr 20: 1-2 PM CST – “An overview of the industry’s broadest wireless intercom portfolio”
  • Industry Standards – Tue Apr 21: 1-2 PM CST – “RTS works will ALL industry-leading standards (…) This session will share the info that you need to get up on the latest standards and emerging technologies, and how they can work together with existing equipment.
  • ODIN (Omneo Digital Intercom) – Wed Apr 22: 1-2 PM CST – “This session will cover ODIN and also ROAMEO DECT-based wireless digital beltpacks and the latest KP series IP keypanels
  • VLink Demo – Thu Apr 23: 1-2 PM CST – “VLink is a fully interconnected software applications that enables remote users to interface with RTS matrix intercom”.

You can register now by clicking on the following link: https://www2.boschsecurity.us/app/rts-spring-showcase-webinar/

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