Rwanda’s KISS FM embraces the future with Lawo RƎLAY IP

Lawo RƎLAY IP technology has allowed Rwanda’s KISS FM to be the country’s first IP-ready radio broadcaster.

Instead of traditional mixing consoles, KISS FM’s operators are using large touchscreens with Lawo RƎLAY VRX software in their new studios. The system is fully compatible with future standards such as cameras and “visual radio”.

RƎLAY runs in a virtualized PC environment. It is part of the latest line of physical and virtual radio solutions, including the new ruby radio console, sapphire, sapphire compact and crystal mixing surfaces, crystal CLEAR and RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer, and advanced VisTool GUI-builder software.

John Wilkins, KISS FM’s Managing Director, talks about the new Lawo equipment: “We are the first station in Rwanda to use IP technology for broadcast. Touchscreen mixing is a huge advantage because it’s so easy to learn and use. Today’s radio hosts are used to touchscreen phones & tablets so they love our new RƎLAY touchscreen mixer! And in the field, a computer with RƎLAY and a 4G telephone connection makes it possible to originate high-quality remote broadcasts with much less equipment and very little setup time.” He continues: “Our presenters have all social media platforms and Skype on the touchscreen so at the touch of an on-screen button they can interact with the huge KISS FM community online who are invited to shape our programs – it’s an innovative approach that has made us a clear market leader”