Sennheiser provides all microphone needs for Latin Grammy Brazilian ceremony

Latin Grammy Brazil ceremony "Premiere Brazil" crew

In 2020, the Latin Recording Academy hosted its first ever Premiere ceremony for Brazilian audiences. Broadcast before the 21st Latin GRAMMY awards on November 19, the Premiere ceremonies were openings to the” Biggest Night in Latin Music”, combining exciting music programmes with the announcement of a large majority of the winners. For its Brazilian Premiere ceremony, live-streamed via Facebook, the Academy had partnered with Sennheiser to provide all microphone needs for the music performances. “Sennheiser was a key partner for us to deliver at the same level as the Grammy Awards in its other editions,” said Dilson Laguna, artistic director of the Brazilian Premiere for the Latin GRAMMY 2020.

The Brazilian edition of the Premiere ceremony, where all winners in the Portuguese language categories were honored, was hosted by model Lais Ribeiro, who presented live from Los Angeles. The event featured two compelling music acts: a duet from Emicida (who won in the Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album category and was nominated for Best Song in Portuguese) and singer and composer Marcos Valle, plus a performance by the band Melim who sang “Eu Feat. Você” from their eponymously named album, which was nominated for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album. Sennheiser provided equipment for both performances.

Melim performed in a rooftop setting. The band and two guitarists, who also provided the backing vocals, all used evolution wireless IEM G4 monitors. While Melim’s vocalists sang with wireless SKM 9000 handhelds with MD 9235 heads linked to an EM 9046 receiver, two wired E 945 were used for the backing vocals. In addition, two MKE 600 shotgun microphones captured the ambience of the rooftop location.

For their duet, Latin Grammy winner Emicida and Marcos Valle chose a studio. Both artists used ew IEM G4 monitors and sang with SKM 9000 handhelds topped with super-cardioid MD 9245 capsules. Their mics were linked up to two EK 6042 dual-channel camera receivers.

Caroline Medeiros, Marketing Communications Manager from Sennheiser’s Brazilian country partner CMV.SeBR, commented: “It was an incredible honor for us to be involved with the first ever Brazilian Premiere ceremony, and to be working with Emicida, Marcos Valle and Melim. The strict safety principles and guidelines did not make our task easier but we were thrilled to be able to help provide a music show that gave some normalcy to millions of Latin Music fans.”

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