SGL announces first sale of Interplay Web Services Plug-in to WAPA-TV

WAPA-TV selects Interplay Web Services Plug-in from SGL

SGL has announced the first sale of its Interplay Web Services Plug-in with Partial File Restore (powered by Glookast) to WAPA-TV, an independent television station based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The partial file restore functionality enables editors to select and restore elements of a clip directly from the archive in high resolution.


Larry Thaler, CEO of project consultant Positive Flux has said: “We were impressed with the way that SGL handled this project and tightly coordinated their efforts with Avid. The installation was well planned and the partial restore feature is a big hit with the customer.”


SGL’s Interplay Web Service Plug-in provides WAPA-TV with drag-and-drop archiving using Interplay watch folders, without the need for Interplay | Archive. Prior to the launch of Interplay Web Service Plug-in, partial file restore functionality could only be achieved using the full Avid Interplay | Archive system. SGL’s support for Avid Interplay Web Services means that customers can use the archive capabilities that they currently require, but can employ Avid Interplay | Archive at any time in the future without the need to re-archive any content.


“We are very pleased to have partnered with SGL to empower the partial file retrieval capabilities in their Avid Interplay | Production Web Services plug-in,” says Edel Garcia, GLOOKAST’s EVP – Sales & Marketing. “We congratulate SGL on the first sale and look forward to working with them on many more successful installations.”


“We’re very happy to announce this sale to WAPA-TV,” adds Douglas Wynn, SGL’s VP Sales Americas. Our collaborations with major vendors in the media industry provides customers like WAPA-TV with leading archive management solutions utilising the latest technological advances.”

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