Shine TV’s creative deployment of LiveU technologies drives the new series of “The Heist” and “Celebrity Hunted”

Shine TV production of "The Heist"

After the success of the first series of The Heist, Sky has commissioned a second series from Shine TV, with this airing from February 6th on Sky One. Once again, Shine turned to LiveU to create an “innovative” production gallery, as well capturing onscreen footage, with the company also deploying LiveU to create a flexible nationwide filming and comms system for its series, Hunted and Celebrity Hunted. LiveU’s UK partner Garland Partners oversaw technology supply and provided support.

The filming of this year’s series of The Heist, which took place in and around Alnwick, Northumberland, UK, differed in two main ways from the first: the use of HEVC via five LU600 units and five LU300s; and a significant increase in the use of LiveU’s smartphone app LU-Smart, with a 30 per cent growth in footage captured using this technology.

In The Heist, 9 ordinary people become bank robbers. Once they get the loot, they must stay away from former real-world detectives for 20 days. If they achieve this, then the cash is theirs to keep. To successfully produce the show, the producer/directors – or storytellers – must be able to see what the main camera teams are shooting while also being able to see what the thieves are up to in order to tell the best story possible. As well as the low-res feeds from the main cameras, the thieves used mobile phones and the LU-Smart app to send footage back to the low-res production gallery with that footage also stored on the phones for use in the show.

Executive Producer Tom Hutchings at Shine TV, said, “We were excited to see what difference HEVC made and it was simply brilliant. The images were crisp and clear even at 1Mbit/s; we were very impressed. Using LiveU to create a low-res production gallery to allow the storytellers to understand the action as it unfolds, and to be able to communicate easily with all parties, was essential to the filming of this second series and using HEVC was a significant benefit.”

Shine TV also used LiveU in last year’s series 3 of Celebrity Hunted by placing an LU600 HEVC in a helicopter alongside a Cineflex gimble on the front, with the feed from the former fed into the LU600. This was combined with the audio from the hunter’s microphone in the helicopter and by using the full bandwidth possible, Shine achieved what Hutchings describes as “amazing picture quality from the air”.

Paul Shepherd, Regional Sales Director with LiveU, said, “It’s great to see a customer expand its use of our technology after it has enabled them to work in different, innovative ways to create such ground-breaking programming. It’s very pleasing that our implementation of HEVC encoding is also allowing Shine TV to reap such impressive real-world benefits alongside its expanded use of LU-Smart.”

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