Shotoku will showcase its SmartRail ceiling mounted robotic track system at IBC

SmartRail system of Shotoku working

Shotoku Broadcast Systems will attend IBC 2019 with the aim of showing each of its innovations.

The SmartRail will be one of the highlights of the show. The system, a ceiling mounted robot track, will also be displayed in its floor configuration, joining Shotoku’s SmartPed, a fully robotic XY pedestal. Regarding the manual side, Shotoku will show its new series of ENG/EFP support tripod systems: the SX200 and SX260. These camera supports incorporate Shotoku’s “Truebalance” counterbalance technology.

In addition, Shotoku will present the new TG-18 PT Head, which includes a fully-integrated electronic control system, the TR-XT’s new feature LiveView, which allows operators to control and command the robotic systems to new positions, and the SD & SE Manual Tripod Series.

“Shotoku changed the playing field from the floor to the ceiling in 2015 when we installed our first ceiling track system with full elevation control – and that same system has been on-air every day since,” said James Eddershaw, managing director of Shotoku UK. “We will be showing new products as well as upgraded features, but we’ve found that customers also want to see systems that have been fully proven in the field, so we are proud and excited to bring Ceiling SmartRail and SmartPed to IBC. Today Shotoku has successfully installed SmartRail and SmartPed systems all around the world, at a wide range of clients from small studios to large broadcast facilities.  They all benefit from the high levels of performance and flexibility customers have come to expect from Shotoku.”

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