Siminn is deploying Harmonic File360 SaaS for file transcoding

Logo of Harmonic's File360 SaaS

The Icelandic telecommunications company Siminn uses Harmonic’s File360 software-as-a-service (SaaS) for file transcoding. According to the press release, it can transform “virtually any asset to the most popular distribution formats used today”.

File360 leverages public cloud infrastructure to offer scalable transcoding farms. In addition, Harmonic said that the solution is “fully monitored and maintained”, but is also designed to be self-service, “from the initial onboarding and configurations to creating the first transcoding job”.

Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson, head of department, television system, at Siminn, praises the solution: “Harmonic’s File360 SaaS is the next generation of file transcoding for Siminn. It gives us new encoding capabilities, such as HEVC/H.265 encoding, while adding more security to our transcoding workflow and the flexibility to expand our transcoding capacity well into the future as our company grows. One of the beauties of SaaS is that there is no on-premise equipment, so no installation is needed. Integration with our backend system was incredibly fast, thanks to a very intuitive API with useful tools. We couldn’t be happier with the speed of onboarding and the excellent service and support we received from Harmonic, not to mention the amazing video quality we can soon offer to our subscribers.”

“Moving to a SaaS model increases Siminn’s operational efficiency — no more maintaining their own on-premises farm and the OS patches, software upgrades and RMAs that go with it. SaaS also gives Siminn much faster support turnaround times because Harmonic actively monitors and maintains the system, which translates to superior continuity and quality of service” said Ian Graham, senior vice president of international sales and video services at Harmonic.

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