The SME multi-cloud Enterprise File Fabric is now available on the G-Cloud 10 Cloud Software Supplier Framework

Storage Made Easy® (SME), the trading name of the UK company Vehera LTD, announced that its Enterprise File Fabric™ will continue to be available on the Digital Marketplace as it has been reelected by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) under the Cloud Software category on its G-Cloud 10 initiative.


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) delivers value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. Its procurement arrangements can be used by central government departments and organisations across the public sector including local government, health, education, not-for-profit and devolved administrations.


G-Cloud, launched in 2012, brings increased flexibility and cost reduction that the Cloud gives to private companies and makes it available for public sector organisations.


The Enterprise File Fabric is an enabler for GDPR data compliance coupled with user collaboration through a single pane of glass that supports over 60 on-cloud and on-premises different data sources. It provides best-of-breed technology to discover personal data (PII), enforce IT security controls across all content, collaboration for end users, and secure file sharing across a multitude of data sources. The File Fabric combines file metadata together with access and usage patterns to identify business insights to enhance security and productivity through its content search capabilities that are able to span cloud and on-premises data sets.


For the last five years, the Enterprise File Fabric has been available on the Digital Marketplace in an exclusive package using UKCloud’s Primary Storage in the Cloud and Computing-as-a-Service infrastructure, delivering a fully reliable Enterprise-grade file collaboration solution. The high-security cloud solution, totally UK based, effectively controls data compliance issues and challenges presented to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


“Our success with each iteration of the G-Cloud framework is built on a combination of innovation – with a range new services each time, specialization – building on our experience and expertise in meeting the real needs of the UK public sector, and value – offering ever more for ever less to enable our customers’ budgets to go further,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of Simon Hansford, CEO at UKCloud said, “We are proud with G-Cloud 10 to be offering the widest range of services yet, to be working with more partners than ever, and to have been recognized as the ‘Best G-Cloud Provider’ yet again.”


Jim Liddle, Storage Made Easy CEO said, “As a UK company focused on compliance and governance of corporate data our G-Cloud offering provides public sector the capabilities to secure and enforce GDPR policies against public sector data wherever it is stored, whether on-cloud or on-premises.”

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