Sonoran Video Systems will allow 12G-SDI playback thanks to AJA’s KONA 5

Coyote Playback System integrates the AJA's KONA 5. View of the Sonoran Video Systems' hardware

The Coyote S12G Playback Server will support 12G-SDI playback due to the integration of the AJA’s KONA 5 PCIe I/O card into its hardware. This news has just been announced by Sonoran Video System, manufacturer of the Coyote S12G 2RU chassis, which already allowed Quad 3G-SDI playback. This system “intuitive and easy-to-use”, according to the company, is able to play simultaneous content in its native codecs, such as h. 264, HEVC and others, in resolutions like 1920, 3840 or 7680.

Dave McBride, owner of Sonoran Video Systems, explains why they had chosen AJA’s technology: “When we were looking to integrate professional broadcast-quality components into the Coyote Playback Servers, we knew we made the right choice with the AJA KONA card based on its feature set and reliability. We call the KONA card the ‘heart’ of the Coyote. We’re excited to be one of the first systems integrators to develop a 12G product for the live events industry with the KONA 5”.

Nick Rashby, president of AJA Video Systems, sums up the agreement: “We released KONA 5 to accommodate the most advanced video and audio workflows for developer partners and customers working with anything from high frame rate 4K/UltraHD to Deep Color and HDR. The Coyote Playback Server delivers a powerful, affordable solution for broadcast-quality 12G-SDI including 8K or 4K and multi-channel playback and much more, and we’re pleased that Sonoran Video Systems has chosen to integrate KONA 5 as its video I/O solution”.

The Coyote S12G model costs $13,995, while the Coyote Q3G costs $11,995.

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