Sony expands IP Live Production solutions capabilities

Sony’s new XVS-9000 switcher, which launches in October, will support both IP and 12G-SDI

Sony is growing its IP Live Production System solutions with further support for SMPTE ST 2110 in both HD and 4K.


“The industry transition to IP has been driven in no small part by wide collaboration,” explained Norbert Paquet, Head of Product Management, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Sony has been leading this journey and we continue to actively invest in shaping the IP landscape to offer customers the best systems, services and support they need to unlock IP’s full potential. By enhancing our Live Production offering, with new support for SMPTE ST 2110 in both HD and 4K, we’re giving our customers ecosystems and technologies they need for their future.”


Sony’s new XVS-9000 switcher, which launches in October, will support both IP and 12G-SDI – the same as the XVS-8000, XVS-7000 and XVS-6000. For IP Live, a series of new 100G IP interface boards* will enable SMPTE ST2110 support.  The HDCU-4300 camera control unit will also support SMPTE ST 2110 through the HKCU-4001 Option Board. All products will be available from January 2019 in HD and will add 4K support from May 2019 through a simple software update.

*For XVS-9000: XKS-C9121 100G IP Input and Output Board, XKS-C9111 100G IP Input Board

*For XVS-8000/7000/6000: XKS-C8111 100G IP Input Board, XKS-C8166 100G IP Output Board


Also, Sony will continue to invest in Networked Media Interface, Sony’s IP-based transmission technology, of which transport specification has been standardized by ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business – an organization that establishes standards for broadcast and telecommunications in Japan) as ARIB STD-B73 1.0.


Sony will continue to work with AMWA to support the NMOS IS-04 and NMOS IS-05, as well as the 12G-SDI interface. Sony Live Production System all carries both IP and 12G-SDI interfaces.



Sony will be demonstrating its latest innovations at IBC2018, giving visitors a glimpse into how IP-enabled production workflows will enhance production efficiencies through innovative architectures. In partnership with Century Link, an IP-enabled Remote Integration (REMI) setup will connect a 4K Production Studio and Control Room at Sony’s booth in Amsterdam to a remote HD production studio in Hilversum, Netherlands at Euro Media Group’s facility.


The hub studio at Sony’s booth will control the whole system, including 3rd party vendors, in both locations through a prototype of Orchestration System, switching video feeds using IP Live System Manager.


Furthermore, at the JT-NM IP showcase area (located in Room E106/107), Sony’s HDCU-3100 camera control unit will be demonstrated in SMPTE ST 2110 in HD and two R&D SDI/IP converters will demonstrate SMPTE ST 2110 (4K) and NMOS IS 04/05 support respectively.

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