Stream with Shooowit

When was Shooowit born?

Shooowit is a recent creation composed of a team of people with a proven track record in providing video services over the Internet. We offer streaming services aimed at companies, corporations, public bodies, universities, televisions, etc. since the beginning of 2016.


What product/service does the company offer?

Shooowit offers online video services, which is a cloud solution for on demand and live multimedia content management. We have developed our own management platform (VDM, Video Delivery and Management) and we are experts in video project consulting. We also complement our offer with the production and codification of events and the rental of audio-visual equipment.


What advantages does the cloud offer?

Working on the cloud permits accessing the service from any device and any place. We live in a globalised world and this simplicity to access things is paramount.


Which segments does your business focus on?

In recent years, the use of video over Internet has grown exponentially and its implementation in society reaches figures in the region of 60%. In the circumstances, any company or professional, from universities, public bodies, SMEs, etc. can benefit from our service.


What have been the most significant projects/clients?

Many companies have trusted in our video services and to name just a few, Televisión de Lleida, Mataró Radio, Mercadona, Universidad de Valencia and the Andalusian Football Federation.


What makes Shooowit different?

For us, each client and project is unique. With our platform, we offer added value to the content and advice regarding monetisation, and we collaborate in the management and focus of each setting we are presented with. The trust and soundness we transmit is essential for the users.

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