Subtitling Special: TVU Networks

TVU Networks,

Interview with Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks

  1. Tell us briefly about your company. How was born?

TVU is built to enable TV stations to produce and distribute content cost effectively by using IP-based solutions and workflow. TVU’s IP-based solutions covers acquisition, transmission, production and distribution.


  1. Why did you decide to become part of the captioning industry?

TVU Transceivers which are in thousands of TV stations are very powerful.  They are already in the production workflow.  TVU Transceivers are capable of adding man services and solutions.  The AI-based transcribe engine is capable of transcribing audio voice in real time.  Transcriber supports over 100 languages.  This is just one of the many services that we are adding to TVU Transceivers.


  1. Tell us about your company goals

We want to be the catalyst which helps broadcasters transform in the fast changing media market.


  1. TVU Networks launched the TV Transcriber solution this year. What does this solution bring to the market?

It will automatically transcribe voice in live broadcasting.  The output file can be used for auditing purpose. TVU Transcriber will also be a part of the metadata for the video in transmission.  It will also be embedded in both SDI and IP video for both closed and open captioning.


  1. How it was received by the industry? What projection do you think it will have in the future?

It is in lots of TVU’s customers’ Transceivers.  We believe this can significantly reduce the operational cost, and provide a tool which is always available, especially for unplanned emergency live broadcasting.


  1. Do you have in mind any innovation or new solution in the field of subtitles?

AI-based solution is the future of subtitling, including multi-language subtitling.


  1. How does artificial intelligence contribute to the captioning industry?

It will be the future of the captioning industry.

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