TAG Video Systems presents its next webinar: “Playout: New Cloud Multiviewing and Probing”

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TAG Video Systems, developer of 100% SW, 100% IP, 100% COTS/Cloud, Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing solutions, has announced the topic for its next webinar.

TAG is inviting those that need to learn more about a way to implement effective monitoring and multiviewing in the cloud for playout to tune into “Playout: New Cloud Multiviewing and Probing” on July 16th at 11am Eastern US time.  The webinar will examine the technical and business challenges encountered when migrating to cloud playout, share tips for getting the best ROI possible, and openly reveal lessons learned from specific experiences.

The session will be hosted by Paul Briscoe, TAG Chief Architect, and Peter Wharton, TAG Advisor. Both will share their knowledge and expertise including technologies and workflows they established to tackle probing, monitoring, and multiviewing in the cloud, especially as it relates to playout.

Specific topics will include key business and technical considerations when migrating to cloud playout; tips to avoid investing in systems that become obsolete before they are paid for; measuring lost and out-of-order packet, jitter, and other transport parameters in the cloud; and how to scale monitoring and probing in the cloud.

You can register here: https://www.tagvs.com/webinar-series-2020/

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