TAG Video Systems will present its new strategy of “Zer0 Friction” at NAB Show NY

UI provided by the TAG Video System multiscreen platform

TAG Video Systems will unveil at NAB Show New York 2019 how the company serves the entire video ecosystem with “one solution, one price, anywhere, anytime”, according to the Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Joyce.

We’ve always concentrated on the product itself, but no longer,” Joyce explained. “90% of the people in this industry think of TAG as just another Multiviewer company. This has been our mistake. We are now pivoting the conversation from the product itself to its unique ability to provide Probing, Monitoring, and Multiviewing across the entire video ecosystem (Live production, Playout, Delivery and OTT). Even our long-term customers are not aware of all the features available to them and how they can unleash the power of a product they already have. And what better place to drive the conversation than at NAB New York.”

At NAB NY, TAG will demonstrate its “unique” platform, “the world’s first and only 100% Software, 100% IP solution” capable of running on standard off-the-shelf-hardware for all four primary video applications: Live Production, Playout, Distribution and OTT. TAG CEO Abe Zerbib noted that the needs of all four applications are very different and said, “Each application has its own set of challenges but can easily be managed within the same software platform in an IP environment. We can truly serve all four broadcast applications with our product and one license, and our team is consistently developing feature sets for each to enhance the user experience.”

Joyce added, “With the quick adoption of IP workflows, we need to remove the traditional barriers NOT just technologically, but also operationally and commercially.  TAG will now offer ONE price for a product that can meet the diverse needs of the broadcast ecosystem and allow the customer to make the decision regarding what features they want to deploy at what location and time.  What we call Zer0 Friction.  This has never been done before in our industry and we believe TAG is leading the way for how all solutions will be offered in our industry once they are 100% IP, 100% Software 100% COTS.”

NAB NY will also be the first major US Trade Show where TAG will be showcasing its platform with double capacity, which is critical when dealing with uncompressed 2110 IP inputs and outputs.

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