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Chrosziel Zoom servo CDM-MK-Z For Fujinon MK 18-55 and MK 50-135 lenses

The perfect accessory for an extraordinary set Author: Luis Pavia The professional field is characterised by excellent quality tools and high levels of specialisation. Today, we have an example of one of those extraordinary components developed by one of the Read More

Chrosziel MagNum MN-200. Affordable technology

This time around, we have tested the Chrosziel MagNum MN-200 wireless lens, a wireless lens remote control system with two motor channels and a sliding remote for the iris. We tested it in combination with the Canon CN 17x120 lens, Read More

Chrosziel starts worldwide roll out of Fujinon MK Zoom motor

Chrosziel finalized the shipment of the first batch of the CDM-MK-Z the Fujinon MK Zoom motor. It is specially designed for the Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9, Fujinon MK 50-135mm T2.9 and other compatible lenses. The compact housing contains a digital Read More