Tedial marries AI to MAMs for increased fan engagement in sports production

SMARTLIVE, an automated live sport solution, will be demonstrated at NAB

Tedial is launching SMARTLIVE, a live sport solution at NAB 2018. The development marries Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an innovative metadata engine to bring the back office and archives closer to live. This tight integration supports an increased number of highlights, during or after an event, and allows a specific story to be delivered to a targeted audience via multiple platforms including Social Media. SMARTLIVE is being demonstrated in Booth N 1420.


SMARTLIVE simplifies event preparation by capturing team, event and statistical data and automatically building an event inside its metadata engine. Simultaneously, SMARTLIVE automatically creates the corresponding log sheets, player grids and the video feed capture schedule for the event.  All these preparations are linked and organized in collections, so an entire season of sports events can be prepared automatically in advance. Agnostic to any sports and to any data providers, SMARTLIVE’s powerful metadata engine can be configured to create an automatic metadata ingest process and address demanding and complex sport workflows.


SMARTLIVE directly connects content to Artificial Intelligence engines: video and audio recognition can be leveraged to generate locator data and annotate live media proxies across multiple camera or venue inputs.


During events, all event data from the PAM is ingested in its native format, automatically augmenting the proxy logs, and the system can be configured to automatically create clips based on actions, keywords or logged occurrences. Once created, these highlights can be automatically published to social media, or passed to workflows that enhance the director’s program and the broadcast. Automatic highlights can be of a single event, a particular star player, or an entire season.

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