TM Broadcast International 70 is now available!

The brand new issue of our magazine, TM Broadcast International 70, is now available via issuu. You can check it out here. Do you want to discover what awaits you?

Inside MotoGP with Dorna: Manel Arroyo, Managing Director, and Sergi Sendra, Senior Production Manager, told us all about this firm of reference in the motorsports world. We also delve into the spectacular Expedition Unknown Egypt Live, a two-hour live event with the opening of a 2,500-Year-Old sarcophagus. SWR3 is another of the most interesting contents of the magazine. Several experts from the German radio talk with us to let us know the technical details of the most listened public radio program in Germany.

There’s more: experts from Mediapro, Olympic Channel, OBS (Olympic Broadcaster Services) and Movistar+ met to share impressions and trends that are of top relevance in regard to sports audiovisual production. TM Broadcast brings you the summary of the conversation. We also look at the UHD Forum Guidelines in detail and test the Panasonic AG-CX360.

It’s time to get into the broadcast world. Do you want to join us in this thrilling journey? Simply click on the following link: