Update for Lawo’s sapphire and crystal radio on-air consoles: loudness metering now integrated


With the brand new 4.2 software release, Lawo enables loudness metering for both crystal and sapphire radio consoles. The consoles deliver loudness metering data for their main meters that may be based on mono, stereo, 5.1 and 5.1+2 signals. In addition, the sapphire can display loudness metering for all input channels. In this case, the loudness metering is working in parallel to the channels’ regular PPMsusing metering elements in Lawo’s VisTool touch-screen software. Users can select Momentary, Short Term or Integrated mode for measurement. In addition, the software update includes a graphical fader element, which has been implemented in VisTool to enable fader value control directly by using the GUI.

With version 4.2, Lawo is also taking the integratability of sapphire and crystal consoles to another level: now these consoles can act as Ember+ providers and consumers. As a provider, a console feeds channel parameters via the Ember+ protocol to 3rd party control systems to enable remote control from external. A sapphire or crystal being a consumer enables the console to remote control other systems via Ember+. Ember+ is an openly available control protocol to be used on a wide range of hardware platforms, from basic micro controllers all the way up to powerful PCs.

Furthermore, the software can now be conveniently activated also by hardware dongles. Thus it is possible to enable site-wide server-based licensing, move licenses from one PC to another, or implement licenses on virtual machines.

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