V-Nova becomes a member of ATSC

Logo of V-Nova with the ATSC Member ensign

Video compression company V-Nova is now a member of the non-profit organization Advance Television Systems Committee (ATSC). The ATSC develops digital television standards such as the ATSC 3.0, for whose development V-Nova will contribute.

The corporation will provide the knowledge acquired after years working with the PERSEUS Plus technology, a compression approach that enhances the visual quality and computational performance of any existing codec such as AVC/h.264, HEVC, VP9 and in the future AV1.

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova, said: “Joining the ATSC further strengthens one of our primary missions, which is to work extremely closely with all leading standard bodies and industry peers to drive the innovation and adoption of next-generation video and imaging compression technologies. In combination with our active work with MPEG and SMPTE, we’re excited to collaborate intensely with the ATSC group to advance terrestrial digital television broadcasting and media services.”

“ATSC 3.0 is specifically designed to be future-proof and incorporate continuous technological evolutions.” continued Meardi. “We intend to contribute greatly towards this future innovation and help the group to deliver ever-improving experiences for viewers.”

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