Videlio partners with RT France to provide managed services for its technical team

RT France will launch its 24/7 news channel by the end of the year

VIDELIO has announced its partnership with RT France which will launch its 24/7 news channel by the end of the year. RT France requested technical consulting, as well as turn-key managed services from VIDELIO.


“We were looking for a partner to help us in launch and manage our upcoming round-the-clock news channel,” says Xenia Fedorova, CEO of RT France. “VIDELIO convinced us of their commitment and of their ability to meet our needs in terms of technical and production resources.”


RT France will broadcast on cable, satellite and ADSL. Nearly 1,500 square meters of offices and 2 studios of approximately 100 square meters each will be installed in Boulogne-Billancourt, a media hub in Paris.


“Staff outsourcing and managed services are an integral part of our offering,” explains Pascal Zérates, CEO of VIDELIO. “We have been providing managed services for many years for customers in all industries and all geographies, such as the Guiana Space Center in Kuru. From the launch of Ariane space rockets to the launch of a new news channel, our company has the capability to propose the adapted services.


The contract will result in the recruitment of a hundred audio-visual professionals. Cameramen, editors, technicians and maintenance teams will be supporting the journalists of RT France.

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