Videohouse selects the VSNExplorer platform for its archive and media management needs

The Belgium-based company Videohouse, which offers a wide range of media and broadcast solutions, has chosen the VSNExplorer platform as its new Media Asset Management platform. It is composed by four modules: the VSNExplorer MAM, the VSNExplorer PAM, the VSNExplorer BPM and the VSNExplorer BI.

The company needed a MAM system that would be the repository for the safe and future-proof archiving and managing of their clients’ media content. VSNExplorer fit into their needs thanks to features such as the provision of a single interface to be easily accessed and utilized by several users, or its interoperability.

“Through a series of onsite demonstrations and meetings, we could clearly see that VSNExplorer was the broadcast-oriented solution we were looking for. It is able to integrate easily with a range of third party systems and it is open and scalable such that it will enable Videohouse to overcome any future challenges within the industry. Beyond this, it also became clear to us that VSN is a company that shares our values and with whom we can have an excellent working relationship.” said Willem-Alexander Hameeuw, Project Manager at Videohouse.

“We are delighted to have earned Videohouse’s trust, and to play a key role in helping them to make their operations more responsive and more streamlined,” said Álvaro Montalbán EMEA Sales Manager at VSN. “VSNExplorer is 100% web/HTML5-based and completely customisable. It delivers scalability and flexibility, enabling Videohouse to easily and cost-effectively grow and adapt to the future. We’re looking forward to working with Videohouse over the coming years.”