Vizrt’s Viz Story 2 and Viz One 7 expand their integration with Adobe Premiere Pro

User interface of Vizrt Adobe Assistant

Vizrt, a provider of software-defined visual storytelling tools for media content creators (#SDVS), continues to add more video editing capabilities into media production workflows with expanded integration for Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Editing is placed at the center of creative workflows with the newest releases of the Viz Story easy editing tool and the Viz One production workflow manager.

“Editors need the best possible interoperability within their production workflows,” said Sue Skidmore, head of Partnerships for Adobe Video. “With Viz One and Viz Story’s integration for Adobe Premiere Pro, our customers can work faster and seamlessly with video production content.”

To save time when making edits, it is now possible to work with video proxy content stored in Viz One directly from Adobe Premiere Pro, rather than needing to access high-resolution material. Stories edited with Adobe Premiere Pro can be re-used, changed, updated later, or even replaced completely for efficient re-versioning without full re-edits with the option to burn Vizrt graphics into the video or not. Metagraphics data is also automatically brought into Adobe Premiere Pro when loading material from Viz One. Graphics added in one project can be re-used for the same clip in other projects.

To reduce cycles when re-purposing previously used content, an editor in Adobe Premiere Pro can access and re-use Vizrt graphics that were added to a clip by a journalist using Viz Pilot Edge newsroom graphics systems. Once editing is complete, stories can be sent directly to placeholders in Viz One to be used in rundowns and playlists.

Viz One provides partial restore of offline and archived media for both Viz Story and Adobe Premiere Pro editing clients. Automated optimization works to restore only the relevant parts needed. In proxy mode the restore only occurs at final conform to maintain efficiency of the system.

“Video editing is a critical aspect of media production workflows,” said Helen Blackburn, vice president of Product Management at Vizrt. “Vizrt adds value by incorporating the compelling capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro for better visual storytelling.”

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