Volleyball World relies on LiveU solutions to bring volleyball tournaments worldwide

Volleyball World, a company dedicated to get together volleyball fans, athletes, corporate partners through both digital and live events, has turned to LiveU of its global beach volleyball tournaments to viewers around the world across 2022.

Volleyball World recently completed its first beach volleyball tour event of the season in Mexico, with LiveU providing an end-to-end IP distribution service using LiveU Matrix and LiveU multi-cam LU800 field units.

LiveU Matrix is a cloud video solution that allows receiving high-quality and low-latency live feeds.

LiveU deployed LU800s as multi-camera encoders on-site, connected via both LAN and WiFi, with cellular connectivity for backup.

Roy Hasson, Director of Solutions Sales with LiveU, said, “We delivered an end-to-end solution, supplying the feeds from the event locations to the various takers around the world. We provisioned and routed these via Matrix, using LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) as well as SRT on the output side. We also integrated a remote commentary solution, Spalk, which was seamless, providing a completely smooth IP workflow, while maintaining high-quality and very low delay from the camera to the final taker.”

Finn Taylor, CEO Volleyball World, said: ‘’Beach Pro Tour tournaments are held all over the world meaning the look and feel of each competition can change on a weekly basis. With the help and support of LiveU a lot of work has been done to solidify the event presentation and ensure consistency for those who are watching the broadcast at home.’’

Nils Sørensen, VP Broadcast NENT Sports, said: “As one of the takers of this Mexican beach volleyball tournament, it was very easy to use Matrix to do so. It provides a very clear interface and effortless IP connectivity. We were very impressed and see this as an important and cost-effective way of receiving and sending content in the future.”

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