WASP3D was used by 50+ broadcasters for the India Elections 2019

A glimpse of WASP3D technology at the India Elections 2019 coverage

The augmented reality graphics, virtual sets, video wall graphics, full frames, lower-thirds, L Bands for live election update and candidate profiling tools of WASP3D were massively implemented in the recent India Elections.

The company has confirmed that more than 50 TV broadcasters used their solutions for the coverage of this important event. WASP3D has highlighted three stations:

  • The national channel DD News HD streamed live on Youtube for the very first time with WASP3D election graphics.
  • Odisha TV used WASP3D’s augmented reality graphics with in-studio camera tracking for its elections special program.
  • JagBani built virtual sets and deployed an augmented reality solution for its Youtube coverage.

Many regional broadcasters such as TV9 Telegu, Tv9 Gujrat, ABN Andhrajyothi, along with others, chose WASP3D election graphics & broadcast services.

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