Woody Technologies integrates IBM Aspera FASP technology

Woody Technologies, Broadcast Magazine

Woody Technologies has announced that the Aspera FASP® high speed transport protocol has been integrated into the Woody Technologies suite of media processing solutions.


Aspera FASP® is now available in Woody in2it, Woody Ingest, Woody Social and Woody Outgest. It allows broadcasters and media industry actors to build end-to-end solutions for ingest and media processing across different sites, taking advantage of the transfer acceleration offered by Aspera FASP® protocol.


Aspera is eliminates the fundamental shortcomings of conventional, TCP-based file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP. As a result, FASP® transfers achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP/HTTP and provide a guaranteed delivery time regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions, including transfers over satellite, wireless, and inherently unreliable long distance, international links. FASP® also provides complete visibility into bandwidth utilization and extraordinary control over transfer rates and bandwidth sharing with other network traffic. Complete security is built-in, including secure endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption, and integrity verification.


Woody in2it, the tool for journalists and ingest operators, can be used from the field or distant sites to index, transcode and transfer content to a broadcaster’s main facility. Woody Ingest and Woody Outgest automate media processing operations and exchanges across heterogenous production environments. Aspera FASP® is now available for delivery of media and metadata in all these applications.


“The combination of Woody Technologies solutions and Aspera FASP transfer technology is a perfect fit for remote ingest workflows and multi-site collaboration, which are becoming a reality for our customers,” said Nicolas Gautron, CEO of Woody Technologies.


“Media companies that leverage Woody Technologies solutions can now also benefit from the secure, high-speed transfer of their digital assets, powered by Aspera FASP,” said Mike Flathers, CTO of Aspera. “We are excited that Woody is enhancing their media processing solutions to incorporate the speed and reliability that Aspera is known for.”

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