Woody Technologies partners with Object Matrix

MatrixStore is an object storage, media focused private and hybrid cloud platform

Woody Technologies, the specialist of smart ingest and outgest software solutions, has announced a new partnership with Object Matrix®, in order to integrate Woody Technologies products with MatrixStore storage solutions.


MatrixStore is an object storage, media focused private and hybrid cloud platform that is trusted by some of the world’s largest banks, broadcasters, telecommunications and energy companies to ensure their digital information is protected in a secure, suitable and audited storage platform.


Woody in2it is a tool used to import assets from camera cards, and other file based ingest methods, into any media production environment. Woody in2it can be used on premise or from the field to index, transcode and transfer content in. Woody in2it is already integrated with popular MAM and PAM systems and storage solutions.


The partnership will enable customers to import assets using Woody in2it and automatically migrate those assets into MatrixStore. Assets remain fully discoverable whilst being secure and protected. “Object Matrix is a recognized leader for its object storage solutions and its expertise in digital video workflows”, said Nicolas Gautron, CEO of Woody Technologies. He added: “Woody in2it integration with MatrixStore will bring ingest workflows to a new stage, offering unprecedented level of availability, security and metadata management, streamlining operations and saving a significant production time.”


“For broadcasters, being able to quickly capture footage from the field and instantly ingest into a secure platform is essential,” added Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix. “By combining our two technologies, our customers can get an extremely valuable and usable workflow wherever the content is ingested.”

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