Yamaha introduces new HS MP Series powered monitor speakers

Devices included in the latest edition of Yamaha HS Series

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Yamaha Pro Audio, the company has launched the special edition HS MP (Matched Pair) models.

The new, special edition HS MP powered monitors include three models – HS5 MP, HS7 MP and HS8 MP. Each pair of monitors has been manufactured using a unique process, utilizing specially selected parts and with matching serial numbers, shipping in a special paired carton with an MP (Matched Pair) label.

The HS MP monitors continue the same design principles that have guided Yamaha designs ever since the NS10M STUDIO monitors, first produced in 1977. They were followed in 1998 by the MSP5 powered studio monitor. In the 2000s, the MSP/MSP Studio Series harnessed Yamaha’s latest technical advances to meet the evolving needs of customers.

In 2005, as bit and sampling rates rose, there was an increasing need for higher quality nearfield monitors. The HS Series delivered “the latest” fidelity of sound and accuracy, updated in 2013 with the next-generation version. Even more sonically accurate, this range was also offered as the HS-I version.

“The special edition HS MP monitors are an appropriate way of marking the 50th anniversary of Yamaha’s Pro Audio division, featuring the extra fine details that will help to ensure the optimal delivery of your next project. With the expanded range and options of the current HS Series, Yamaha monitors continue to meet and surpass the demands of an ever-greater number of customers’ sonic and aesthetic needs” explained the company in a press release.

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