Zero Density to drive Unreal Engine integration into broadcast studio workflows via Reality HUB

Zero Density's Reality HUB Integration Unreal Engine - Epic

Zero Density’s latest product Reality HUB has received Epic Games MegaGrant to accelerate the integration of Unreal Engine into broadcast studio workflows. Reality HUB will transform studio control, automation, and workflow integration tools through a HUB that connects Unreal world to broadcast ecosystem.

Zero Density and Epic Games have been close partners since the first launch of Reality Engine, Unreal Engine Native real-time node-based compositor in 2016. Since then, Epic and ZD have crossed many milestones together including the industry first real-time ray traced virtual studio demonstrations in partnership with NEP the Netherlands, Nvidia and FOX Sports in 2019. With Reality HUB, Zero Density expands its product suite and wants to redefine the control, automation and integration tools in broadcast workflows. Epic Games MegaGrant will accelerate the integration of Unreal Engine into the studio workflows.

Reality HUB provides a unified, HTML5 dynamic user interface for Reality, virtual studio and on-air graphics system powered by Unreal Engine. Additionally, Reality HUB is fully modular system with a thin core. These separate modules communicate with Unreal Engine / Reality Engine and other modules through Reality HUB core whether from a phone, tablet or laptop. Reality HUB also integrates the Unreal world with the external data sources such as weather, finance, elections, and sports.

Zero Density decided to add Reality HUB’s free-to-download version to Reality Engine’s community version upon the product’s official launch.

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