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Due to the latest technological advances, the realization of what until now was considered a chimera in computing is beginning

Under the visionary leadership of Vice President of Virtual Production Gary Marshall, Nant Studios exemplifies the rapid evolution of the

The beginning of the year saw a milestone in the Spanish audiovisual sector: the transition of all terrestrial broadcasting to

Boosting live coverage with cutting-edge technologies In the fast-paced world of broadcast media, BT Broadcast & Media stands as a beacon

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Lab test by Carlos Medina Audiovisual Technology Expert and Advisor   The appearance of new technologies in the field of image, either

Synergy. 2 of 2. Because second parts can be good. Yes. Today we use a title such an abstract concept that

Synergy. 1 of 2. Yes. Today we use a title such an abstract concept that describes those situations in which the

  We find for the first time ever a series of elements that had never been present together in the same

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