The 5G Standalone partnership between Ericsson and Entel grows in Chile

The 5G Standalone partnership between Ericsson and Entel expand to accelerate the digital transformation of industry in Chile to industry 4.0. With this agreement expected that Entel Corp will integrate Ericsson’s Private 5G solution within its offering, and partner with communications service providers (CSPs) to deliver it.

5G SA networks are well suited to complex industrial environments, with low latency and high capacity for simultaneous connections having positive impacts for sectors such as mining, logistics and transportation.

Ericsson and Entel have worked together to deploy 5G across Chile, and at the same time have carried out a dozen pilots. These pilots cover a range of industries including health (the first remote ultrasound), smart factories (remote controlled robotics), agricultural and forestry (drones with advanced analytics for real-time monitoring and information on the status of crops) and transport management.

Julián San Martín, Vice President of Corporations Market, Entel, says: “This important agreement with Ericsson will allow our large customers to evolve towards Industry 4.0, providing them with the operational efficiency benefits of a cutting-edge technology such as 5G. With the help of Entel Corp, we make all our experience available to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation processes through robust and convergent solutions.”

Rodrigo Dienstmann, CEO of Ericsson for the Southern Cone of Latin America, says: “With this agreement, Ericsson opens a distribution channel with Entel Chile and, in this way, brings the 5G innovation for companies and corporations. We are taking a leading role in ensuring that 5G has a transformative impact for Chile. The high-quality, state-of-the-art connectivity provided by Ericsson Private 5G can deliver efficiency and help industries achieve profits, creating safer, more productive and sustainable business operations. We have designed an easy-to-use cellular connectivity solution to address the connectivity challenges of different sectors, while creating an ecosystem to furthers the 5G evolution.”

Last month, Entel became the first operator in Chile to deliver 100 percent of the deployment of the first stage of its new 5G network nationwide.

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