A1 Group launches TV applications in its Bulgarian subsidiary through 3SS services

3 Screen Solutions (3SS) has announced that A1 Bulgaria has gone live with a new app which enables viewing of Xplore TV on Android TV sets. This channel is part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group (A1 Group). With this solution the Bulgarian content provider provides OTT viewing experiences for owners of Android smart TVs.

The launch of this service kicks off the second phase of a multi-brand rollout of regionalized smart TV applications for A1 Telekom Austria Group. It follows the completion of the first phase, in which 3SS delivered regionalized Xplore TV apps for Samsung Tizen and LG webOS connected TVs. Subsequently, apps for Tizen and webOS were rolled out in Croatia, Slovenia, the Republic of North Macedonia and Austria.

“Our collaboration with 3SS allowed us to bring the first two of our Phase One Xplore TV apps for the Bulgarian market to life in about eight months and now another four countries are live with Xplore TV apps for LG and Samsung TVs, exceptionally fast for such a multifaceted project. The brand new Android TV app for Bulgaria took only four months to develop. This is a truly powerful demonstration of what can be accomplished through partnership, and an agile way of working,” said Metodi Mladenov, Team Leader, ICT Projects and Software Development Services for A1 Group Team, A1 Bulgaria. “Working with 3SS has been fantastic, with great teamwork and efficiency; we really value how collaborative and communicative everyone at 3SS has been.”

All these Xplore TV apps, across all A1 Group territories, are powered by 3SS and include features including Live TV, catchup, TV Guide, mini EPG, timeshift, live startover and cross-device continue-watching, all within user interface. A1 Group and 3SS have collaborated closely on this major project, co-defining and co-creating the apps to deliver superior UX as well as live TV streaming quality to maximize subscriber engagement.

A1 Group has also chosen to deploy 3Ready Control Center. It is the 3SS management and optimization platform. With 3Ready Control Center, companies like A1 Group can carry out management over presentation of content, features and branding of all service apps from one unified location. Editors from each country can make their own UI/UX adaptations, and all its apps automatically retrieve and apply them without code changes.

Finally, the Group has also installed 3SS’ SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). SAFe makes delivery a more iterative process than seen in traditional development, and involves frequent communication, cross-party planning and common risk management.

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