A1 Hrvatska benefits from Zappware’s personalized TV solution

Zappware UI for A1 Hrvatska

Part of Telekom Austria Group, the Croatian channel A1 Hrvatska has deployed Zappware technology to release its advance personalized TV solution, “A1 Xplore TV”. This solution has previously been launched in the Bulgarian, Austrian and Slovenian markets.

Ivana Markovic, General Manager for Private and Small Business users of A1 Hrvatska, says: “The new user experience deployed by Zappware is impressive in terms of ease of use and superior image and sound quality. In addition to being simpler and intuitive, the interface also offers personalized content recommendations and access to YouTube and YouTube Kids. Great news for users is that, depending on the desired content and needs, they can now manage fixed services and TV packages themselves. The offer of TV content has been simplified into three packages – Family, Film and Sports – which can be changed every month at no extra charge.”

Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware: “The launch of A1 XploreTV and A1 XploreTV:GO in Croatia is really matching the end-users’s expectations of usability, flexibility and personalization. The high-demanding viewers, certainly in these special times, require great content, right away. Zappware’s user experience supports the role of super-aggregator that A1 Group wants to play. This is now the 4th deployment of our NeXX 4.0 user experience and back-end solution within the A1 Group.”

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