ABS-CBN starts using Dalet Galaxy five

Workflow of UNO, the Unified News Operation system of Dalet

The Dalet Unified News Operations software, powered by the Dalet Galaxy five Media Asset Management (MAM), workflow orchestration and editorial platform, has been the latest solution chosen by the Philippine broadcaster ABS-CBN.

The system allows the regional Cebu City Station to break news faster and to expand seamlessly to support multi-site workflows. It includes features such as collaborative planning, agency wire acquisition, notification and approval processes, script editing, rundown and graphics management with full timing control and more. These solutions are complemented with more– utilities from Dalet: OneCut, a multimedia editor that permits news editing at multiple desktops, AmberFin, a media processing farm that transcode incoming content into mezzanine format, and Brio, video servers that delivers a high-density ingest and playout.

“Previously, we had no studio automation at our Cebu City station and were laying programs to tape for playout with no ability to save news programs. We needed to move to a solution that would automate our workflows, better support our social channels and enable future expansion,” said Leilani Alba, Station Head for ABS-CBN Cebu. “Backed by 10 years’ of trust and collaboration with Dalet we knew we could rely on their proven technology and professional services for this important project. With Dalet, we have transformed and simplified our operations by moving to a single solution that manages the end-to-end production and playout of news. We are already seeing the value of our assets increase by being able to track and gather metadata at all points across the news story development.”

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