The insurance company Achmea incorporates NewTek devices and NDI solutions for formation among its employees

Achmea is an insurance company in Netherlands. For the company, it was important to give access to learning and development resources across departments and geographies. The development department wanted to transform and unify its communications with broadcast quality to every employee’s home.

Then, the concept developed further and the idea of creating a recording studio to serve Achmea’s learning, and development needs was born. “We needed a solution that could be managed by anyone, and that could also be used for large productions, because it needed to be accessible to everyone in our organization,” says Verbeek. In addition, Achmea wanted the ability to change the look and feel of the live shows, to support the multiple brands they work with.

Verbeek and his team worked in partnership with NewTek reseller, Lines Broadcast, to address the challenges. The learning and development department was already familiar with the TriCaster system and they decided to further explore the capabilities of the TriCaster system with NDI.

Achmea’s teams are now able to capture, create and communicate video, and each source can be monitored in real-time as TriCaster supports an array of customizable multiviewers, configurable windows and workspace layouts. TriCaster 2 Elite can record channels of full-resolution video to QuickTime or H.264 files. Live streaming is made possible by two streaming encoders.

With TriCaster’s integrated LiveSet technology, live performance is combined with virtual environments and Achmea was now able to create a studio without the expenses it require.

With NDI Webcam Input, NDI sources are recognised as standard Microsoft Windows video and audio sources, making it possible for Achmea to use the existing video communications setup without increasing the complexity or supplementing it with new hardware. Any remote contributor, anywhere in the world, can become part of the production.

According to the Lines Broadcast team, the setup for Achmea was delivered as a complete turnkey solution, enabling the learning and development department to get up and running very quickly. “Our first video was delivered at the beginning of the pandemic,” says Yvo Verbeek. “It was a great success at day one.” Achmea was able to quickly create virtual sets using a combination of green screens and the LiveSet and LiveMatte™ technology integrated with TriCaster. “In minutes we can change the entire set from a corporate setting to a living room look and feel, or personalise it to one of our brands,” says Verbeek. “The TriCaster is very powerful in making this possible.”

“The next step for us is to create hybrid events where colleagues can choose to be physically at an event or watch it from home. The pandemic has brought about this demand, but with the TriCaster in place, we only need to add a couple of NDI cameras to our auditorium and we’re ready to go,” concludes Verbeek.

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