Acunmedya ventures into entertainment media acquiring 50% Sport1’s shares

Acunmedya, an international media group, has announced a collaboration with Sport1 Medien AG, a subsidiary of Highlight Communications AG headquartered in Switzerland. Under this landmark agreement, Acunmedya has acquired 50% of the shares in Sport1 GmbH, marking a pivotal move to redefine the landscape of entertainment media in Acunmedya’s words.

This strategic partnership will leverage Acunmedya’s innovative and globally expertise in entertainment to usher in a new era of dynamic content creation for Sport1. By combining Sport1’s established presence with Acunmedya’s creative approach, audiences can anticipate a refreshing viewing experience.

One of the initial outcomes of this collaboration will be the launch of “Exatlon” on Sport1 in Fall 2024. “Exatlon,” a highly successful reality format developed by Acunmedya, seamlessly integrates sports, reality, and entertainment elements, captivating audiences worldwide and driving market shares.

“Exatlon” features contestants confronting intense physical and strategic challenges, testing their endurance, agility, and mental fortitude. With over 3000 episodes aired globally, including the ongoing 9th season on Azteca UNO in Mexico and the recently concluded 8th season on Telemundo in the US Hispanic market, “Exatlon” has proven its enduring success.

Additionally, the format has been adapted for national channels in Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Brazil, and Colombia, as well as for Netflix in Turkey.

Under the visionary leadership of Acun Ilıcalı, Acunmedya Group has consistently demonstrated its prowess in content creation and channel transformation through innovative strategies and localization expertise. From acquiring a 1% share in TV8 in 2013 and transforming it into the top television channel in Turkey within a year, to establishing EXXEN in 2021, a premier streaming service featuring exclusively local content, Acunmedya has a proven track record of innovation and success.

Furthermore, Acunmedya’s strategic partnerships extend beyond borders, with notable collaborations in Greece and Mexico. In 2016, Acunmedya entered the Greek market through a partnership with Skai TV, leading to remarkable success in Greek television history. Similarly, Acunmedya has maintained strategic content partnerships with TV Azteca Group in Mexico, contributing to the enhancement of prime-time programming on Azteca UNO with captivating entertainment and reality shows.

With a commitment to delivering high-quality television programs to over 15 countries globally, averaging 5000 hours per year, Acunmedya continues to push boundaries and redefine the media landscape. The partnership with Sport1 Medien AG represents a significant milestone in Acunmedya’s journey towards global excellence in entertainment and sports media.

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