AETA Audio Systems has recently added 5G capability to the ScoopTeam commentary unit

This upgrade to the commentary unit is a great leap in the world of audio transport for outside broadcast applications. It is a solution for the future. The 5G network provides speeds up to 100 Gbps. Reagarding on the broadcast jourlanism, this technology eliminates the risk of losing time on connection setups, such as network bonding, even when working in crowded environments.

The ScoopTeam commentary unit also offers Ethernet, 4G, Wi-Fi, VoLTE ISDN and AES67 connections together with “AETA remote access” technology so technicians in the master control room can take control of one or more units wherever they are. ScoopTeam’s 5G upgrade comes after AETA’s announcement that the unit can now embed two wireless modules. With these upgrades, ScoopTeam will be able to connect to both 4G and 5G networks simultaneously, as well as offering bonding and double streaming options, if still necessary.

“After carrying out some in-depth R&D work, we’re happy to be able to offer our clients the most advanced network connectivity available today”, said Yann Vonarburg, general manager of AETA Audio Systems. “The fact that ScoopTeam can now embed a 5G network connection will result in safer audio links, even via wireless networks that should not be saturated anymore, greatly reducing obstacles inherent to AoIP connections”.

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