Agama and THEO strengthen alliance to impulse video streaming experience for Telenor

Agama Technologies, specializing in video observability and analytics for service quality and customer experience, and THEO Technologies, provider of video playback and real-time streaming technology, have announced an expanded partnership. This collaboration aims to deliver top-tier video streaming experiences across various platforms, including the web, mobile, smart TVs, and more.

The integration combines THEO’s video playback technology –THEOplayer– with Agama’s video observability and analytics platform. This synergy enables customers to gain real-time insights and analyze the performance of their video streaming services efficiently.

Telenor has adapted to evolving customer behavior by expanding its TV offerings to Smart TVs, web platforms, mobiles, and tablets. Agama’s integration into these devices ensures consistent quality control using identical tools and processes for both the Operations team and Customer Service.

Agama’s video observability solution offers a crucial advantage with its ability to integrate seamlessly with various video streaming technologies, including THEOplayer. Agama’s solutions track video stream startup, buffering, bitrate, and video quality, alongside customer experience metrics like abandoned streams and average watch time.

The preintegration between Agama and THEOplayer streamlined the addition of observability tools to new platforms. This comprehensive understanding of the user experience spans all devices compatible with the Telenor SE applications.


DIT Kevin Shiramizu
Increased efficiency