AI-powered photorealistic content generator for virtual production, unveiled by Disguise and Cuebric

Disguise has joined forces with the AI platform Cuebric to boost the creation of virtual environments, making them faster, more accessible, and cost-effective than ever before in the realm of broadcast and AV production. In this partnership, Cuebric seamlessly integrates with the Disguise platform, enabling creatives to harness the power of AI in shaping and defining 2.5D environments. These environments can be effortlessly imported into Disguise, transforming them into plug-and-play 3D spaces that can be executed on an LED stage in just two minutes, both companies state.

To construct the 2.5D scenes, users can either incorporate generative content or import images into the Cuebric platform. Cuebric utilizes AI rotoscoping and AI inpainting to segment images into layers, transitioning them from 2D to 2.5D based on object depth. Once these Cuebric 2.5D scenes are imported into Disguise’s Designer software, each layer is depth-mapped with an auto-generated mesh. This allows for the creation of 3D shapes within individual plates, resulting in a more realistic parallax effect that seamlessly adapts to camera movements on set.

The integration of Disguise and Cuebric facilitates real-time changes and iterations in the virtual environment during production, fostering a dynamic and creative process while avoiding costly reshoots.

“Cuebric democratizes filmmaking by eliminating cost barriers to creating stunning, immersive sets and backgrounds with its plug-and-play 3D effect solution. Leveraging AI to enhance the creative process will rejuvenate the production industry,” said Cuebric co-founders Pinar Seyhan Demirdag and Gary Lee Koepke. “Partnering with Disguise allows us to put the full power of generative AI into the hands of the world’s greatest creators and filmmakers at a time when the desire for extraordinary content has never been higher.”

While real-time environments often demand extensive artistic and technical build time, this partnership with Cuebric offers an alternative. Through generative AI, artists can swiftly build 2.5D plates, moving from concept to camera in minutes.

Addy Ghani, VP of Virtual Production at Disguise, expressed, “Thanks to our partnership with Cuebric, there’s now another option. Using generative AI, artists can build 2.5D plates, helping them go from concept to camera in minutes so they can tell unique stories in a way that works for them. This announcement aligns with Disguise’s mission to empower creators with the flexibility to use their preferred tools, fostering greater content flexibility and seamless workflows in the ever-evolving landscape of audiovisual production.”

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