AJA video systems Bridge NDI 3G: a SDI and NDI up and down converter

AJA video systems has recently announced its new SDI and NDI video over IP protocol converter. The device supports multi-channel 4K and HD workflows. It is designed to allow professionals move between various platforms, protocols, and connectivity types. It is called Bridge NDI 3G.

The converter packs dual 10GigE onboard NICs for NDI I/O, as well as high-density SDI connections for up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI I/O – offering up to four channels of 4K or 16-channels of HD, or a mixture of HD and 4K NDI encodes/decodes. Using a standard web browser, the device offers an interface and system administration screen to configure and make it run. Operators are also able to browse, favorite, label, and filter a large volume of NDI sources on the network, as well as label any SDI inputs or outputs, and see all I/O activity at any given time.

Bridge NDI 3G can be used to convert SDI camera and playout sources into NDI streams, enabling simple integration into NDI supported workflows, including virtualized productions leveraging NDI-based switchers. Using a common network, these sources can be located anywhere within a facility, allowing integration of various production islands into a unified workflow. Conversely, NDI streams can be converted back into SDI ecosystems allowing NDI signals to move back into SDI routing systems and traditional baseband workflows.

“As IP’s advantages become more readily apparent, NDI is picking up steam across the broadcast, production and proAV markets. Going all-in on IP, however, isn’t a reality for facilities with significant SDI infrastructure, which is why we’ve created BRIDGE 3G NDI,” shared Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “Facilities can use BRIDGE NDI 3G to easily integrate a range of 3G-SDI sources into NDI workflows. It’s designed to help customers make the most out of their current gear while taking advantage of popular IP video advancements in the market.”

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