AJA launches its solution for data analytics and management: Diskover Media Edition

AJA Video Systems has recently announced its stake on Diskover Data, which is a data analytics software developer, and simultaneously has launched AJA Diskover Media Edition. The software is based on open source roots and lets media and entertainment professionals search find, and analyze media asset data originating from on-premises, remote, and cloud storage. The software allows users to index hundreds of petabytes of data and make them to take better and more informed data decisions.

The company has highlighted some of its characteristics:

A single master index: files across cloud, remote, and on-premises storage are up to date, and that data access and rights can be controlled on a per-user level.

Snapshots in time: it offers history of indexes to compare storage over time and project future growth demands, as well as identify areas of concern.

Elasticsearch: scale to any size and type with an open-source core that simplifies asset search and provides insights into associated storage costs.

Tagging: use tags to support workflow actions and approval processes, such as file deletion approval on an expired asset.

Analysis: advance media workflows and monetization efforts with access to technical metadata (i.e. codec, number of audio files, resolution, etc.) with a search.

Support for hybrid environments: run Diskover across on-premises storage solutions and cloud-based storage services.

Web-browser UI: access AJA Diskover from anywhere with an internet connection and deploy multiple indexers globally at other facilities

Security: read-only access to the file systems and a web-based UI not directly connected to the storage prevents file corruption, deletion, or unwanted changes to assets.

Global asset overview: provide remote teams and individuals with a global view of the assets for each given production, group of productions, or client.

Cost analysis tools: Make more informed data-related decisions about time, resources, and investments to reduce operating costs.

“We’ve seen firsthand how unwieldy data management has become for our clients in content production and post, which poses a huge challenge as the M&E market braces for an unprecedented content boom. The speed at which files are proliferating, determining where those files are stored, how much that storage costs, who is tapping into those files and where they’re being archived is essential, but that information is often hard to track down,” shared AJA President, Nick Rashby. “AJA Diskover Media Edition takes the guesswork out of the equation, helping M&E professionals work much more efficiently. One of the secrets to AJA’s success these many years has been our ability to deliver technologies that solve industry problems through partnerships with companies like Diskover, and we’re excited to share the resulting technology with the M&E community.”

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