Saudi production company Alamiya develops OB truck based on Ross Video and EVS technology

Alamiya is a Saudi-based media house. The company has recently created a 12G UHD-4K OB truck. The media company has relied in Ross Video and EVS to create the core of the vehicle infrastructure.

This is due to Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision for its future, which has led to a growing number of international events being hosted within the country.

The setup consists of several XT-VIA live production servers and as well as the Cerebrum broadcast control and monitoring system.

Also, Ultrix Acuity Hyperconverged Production Platform and Ultrix Carbonite are combined together to create performance and flexibility. Ultrix 12G Router is set in the OB truck.

“This deal with EVS gives us the ability to meet our region’s accelerating demand for high-end UHD-4K productions,” Sultan Al-Muheisen, Chairman at Alamiya “With the support of the Ross Video team and the addition of their innovative products, we are thrilled to be able to launch the first-ever 12G OB van in the Saudi market.”

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