ALMA is born: DAS Audio’s software to monitor and control sound systems

The company DAS Audio has recently released control and monitoring software for its sound systems. It is called ALMA. The program allows the management of the systems through a simplified and orderly interface. Its main objective is to reduce system setup times.

ALMA has been designed to provide a tool capable of simplification in the organization of processes and with the ability to provide access to utilities. Intelligent scheduling has been created to help the user manage and control systems for concerts, facilities or corporate events.

ALMA software has the following capabilities:

  • The user is able to create and prepare the project prior to the event without requiring the systems to be connected.
  • The Link Manager and Master Control tools allow you to group and process boxes to manage them all at once.
  • ALMA software includes the DASaim solution to import, load and listen to system optimization from the same tool without import limits.
  • The EQ has been revamped in its design and includes a tactile approach for the 4080/2060 DSPs.
  • The platform has two modes: the “Config Mode” allows editing everything the user needs. When it is time for the performance, the solution offers the “Show Mode” to lock the configuration and avoid accidental changes.
  • The View option allows you to check that the entire system is working correctly by means of color statuses.

On the other hand, the application has “Night” and “Day” modes to modify colors and contrasts in different situations where visualization may be more precarious. Other features of the application are that it is possible to restore the factory settings of entire projects, zones or systems; and that it has a notification center that alerts the user of the status of the systems.

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